Deploy powershell script like SCCM application

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Have some files and wish to come to a distillation folder using SCCM. It necessary to look like application deploy.

  1. Create PS script like this for Install

    2. Create PS script for uninstall

    3. Create two cmd scripts for run powershell ps1 files when user press «install» and «uninstall» using sccm software center

    4. Create application in SCCM

Count of PCs by OU v2


SCCM — Last Logon User


Find all webcam — SQL


PCs with Either of two applications installed.


SQL SCCM Query — Basic All in one.


SQL Request Lastlogon user (SCCM) [SQL запрос последний вход в систему для SCCM]

Collect information

Check Software on Remote Computer by SCCM commandlets [Проверка программ используя командлеты SCCM]

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Задача проверить программы на удаленных компьютерах. Отдельно список программ и список компьютеров.