Application 11402 Setup cannot open the registry key

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Error message:

Product: Microsoft Office 32-bit Components 2016 — Error 1402. Setup can not open the registry key UNKNOWN \ Components \ 6AF6D649BB945143DAD2D436C434C20F \ 000061091C0000000100000000F01FEC. Microsoft Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS, see Temp \ Setup00003478 \ PSS10R.CHM.


The problem is that in the section hklm: \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \ S-1-5-18 \ Components »
there are sections «000061091C0000000100000000F01FEC», change and reading of which are not possible. For some reason, the credentials for these sections have been changed, which are not owned by the administrator.

Solve the problem, go into each section, change the owner and assign authority. Find out exactly where in which sections, it is very difficult. A total of 108024 sections, within each of them there may be a problematic section.


I made a backup copy of the registry keys «hklm: \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \ S-1-5-18 \ Components»
Deleted all registry keys. There will be keys to which there is no access.
Formed the scenario:


SetACL.exe can be found here


4. Imported registry keys

5. Performed the reinstallation of Office

Access Deny to DFS resource (Folder Redirection)


Проблема Доступ к DFS есть, но нет доступа к каталогам «User Data». Но если обращаться к сетевым каталогам, указывая не DFS имя, а имя узла (Например: \\stor01\user data\ ), ошибка не возникает.


Очистить кэш Sync Center

1. Отключение офлайн файлов
Control Panel -> Sync Center -> Manage Offline Files -> Disable Offline Files

2. Добавить в реестр параметр FormatDatabase, со значением 1 и типом REG_DWORD

3. Перезагрузить машину

4. Включить поддержку офлайн файлов

5. Перезагрузить машину