Extract ue-v file from pkgdat

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Powershell script can help you quickly find and extract files from ue-v profile



Move profile automation



Get SPAM client IP address (if server open smtp relay)

Administration Issues


Sort computer by prefix

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Check ue-v status on remote computers

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Get old account



Report example

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Check ACL

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Remove last character using TrimEnd()


Source: https://blog.bugrapostaci.com/2009/11/12/remove-last-character-using-trimend/

You somehow create an array using a loop and want to sperate items with comma or etc. but everyone knows the last char of this array is one of that comma and unwant.You have to remove it. Usually we do this like

string mystring = “some,thing,in,this,array,”;

mystring = mystring.Substring(0, mystring.Length — 1);
this is correct bu there is an easy way to do it:

mystring = mystring.TrimEnd(‘,’);